Thursday, February 03, 2005

Veggies & Fruit

It's a beautiful sunny day here in this little cowboy town. I find the sun so cheery, don't you?

I'm off to the grocery for some more veggies. I started a "weight mgt" plan yesterday, called Team-15. First week is all fruits and veggies. Whew...

Best be off... 65mph to the grocery store next town over... past open farm land with grazing black angus... giant rolls of yellow hay stacks... stacked sugar beets waiting to be processed into sugar... surrounded by snow topped mountains.

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Woody said...

And then they raised the speed limit on the freeways to 70 or 75 mph anyway, so I could probably get the ticket overturned on that technicality. Good luck with the "weight mgt" plan.
- woody