Sunday, March 06, 2005

Good Sunday Morning!

I can't believe that my boys are still sleeping.... it's 7:23am. Yesterday they were literally up at the crack of dawn... around 6am...

Hey Coach Steve! Thanks for dropping by today!!! Have a nice day.

I'm sitting here getting ready for a class that I'm going to teach at church. Each Sunday, we have 3 blocks of meetings. The first is called Sacrament, the 2nd is Sunday School, and in the last block the men and women separate for their own respective meetings.

Well, I will be the teacher this week for our women's meeting. I've been really excited about the topic because it has had such an impact on my life.... "thinking!"

Here's something for you to think about today...
David O. McKay
Chapter 23
"The kind of life you live, your disposition, your very nature will be determined by your THOUGHTS, of which your ACTS are but the outward expression. Thought is the seed of ACTION.

Interesting huh?

Well I'd better get to finishing up before the kiddos get up!!!!

Have a nice relaxing Sunday!


Woody said...

Hi Toni! Have a great day and I love your reference to thoughts and actions. It is interesting and thanks!

Mel said...

Yay on the kids sleeping later! This is the second post I've read this morning that has talked of their kids sleeping later today...must be something in the air! :)

Have a great day!