Monday, March 07, 2005

OK, I should be sleeping... but...

Hi!!! Hope that you had a wonderful weekend!! Did you do anything fun?

I'm fooling around with some new software that allows me to capture audio for playback on websites and in email. If you're interested in Stress Relief or want a better understanding of how stress effects the body... would you check out this out?

If you do listen in... would you give me some feedback. This package is kind of exciting... as I've been trying to find an easy way to share information with people all over the country without having to use snail mail. I love technology, it makes my life so much easier!!!!

We had a quiet weekend. Rich made it out to New Hampshire in about 4 days. 2500 miles... in just 4 days. Incredible!!!!

Our pillows have been delivered. He'll pick up more supplies and head home probably on Tuesday.

OK... I'm heading to bed now... it's 12:55am on Monday morning...

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