Friday, April 29, 2005

Just Aaron and I...

I picked my little guy (Aaron's 7) up at school, just before lunch. We spent the whole afternoon together! Mission... NEW SHOES and NEW JEANS...

Yesterday he was in his bare feet. Oh my goodness... what big feet! His feet are practically as big as mine!

First we went for lunch... China Buffet. Chicken on a stick is Aaron's favorite. On the way to the next stop (1/2 an hour away....) he kept saying... Mommy, I'm so full!

We went to this great shoe place that specializes in boots... this is in Cody, Wyoming. Aaron got a pair of Merrill slip on shoes... then began to oogle at the beautiful boots. OK... we ended up getting cowboy boots too. Then the sparkley belts caught his eye... then the spurs.. .and the cowboy hats... I hope that this child makes a lot of money in his adult years! He loves to look nice. (Yes... he loves convertibles and sporty cars too! This is my 7 year old, we're talking about! Oh my... what will his teenage years bring????)

We also went to the Buffalo Bill museum for a little bit... then off to Walmart... Got some premade subs and chips... had a tailgate picnic before the hour ride home.

I'm tired! But it was fun to spend time alone with him!

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