Thursday, April 28, 2005

My journey in composting is about to begin...

Rich bought me this composter at Cosco recently. It got put together tonight.

Our soil here is in desperate need of organic matter. Some of it is just thick clay... (it's the most awful stuff when it gets wet... when you step in it... your foot gets consumed by it! Actually, you've got to move fast through it... so you don't get sucked down into it... like quicksand... or at least it feels like that!!!! LOL!)

I actually read the instruction that came with the composter! It says to start out with with leaves, then add some soil, then kitchen scraps.

Tomorrow I'll find a good place for my composter and get it going. Wish me luck!

Oh, my blueberry bushes came the other day. I'm going to plant them near the house in the back of my flower garden. Got any Springy things happening at your place?

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