Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A walk in the country

I was inspired by Mel to take my kids for a walk after school yesterday. It was a beautiful day here in northern Wyoming.

So off we headed down the road, past our property, down the canal road which leads out into the country. Matthew had his bb gun with him and Aaron had a bag of pretzels. As we got going, we wished that we had carried some water with us.

Not long on the trail, the country side opened up. There before us were fields prepared for the season, cows grazing, and this old log cabin off in the distance. Heart mountain's distinctive shape was pointed out by Aaron as well as places that he thought would make good camping spots. There were big trees filled with birds. And lots of animal tracks.

Matthew asked if we could go camping this weekend. Burr... still a little cold for me!

We headed back as we all began to get thirsty.

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