Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm melting... help!

You can tell that I'm into full swing with summer time stuff... as I haven't posted since last week. Sorry!!

Oh my goodness is it hot today. Got up to 100 something.

Aaron and I spent the afternoon at the town pool which was nice except the water was pretty warm.

I've been chasing hoses around my yard and garden... not minding the spray of water to cool me off. My baby grass in growing in real good. My father-in-law put down a combination of grass seed and oats... the oats grow up faster and shade the baby grass as it gets established.

The garden is blosoming with lots of little tomatoes and tiny cukes and raddishes.... coming up is the corn, carrots, peppers. The Yukon Gold potatoe plants look fantastic... and are now flowering.

Matthew and Rich are just back from an overnight scouting trip at the gateway of the Yellowstone National Park. They're both exhausted! Too much fun like canoeing... and rifle shooting... and I'm not sure what else!

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