Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Kids are back to school...

Hi there. Been way too long since my last post.

The kids went back to school today! My elder son, Matthew, went to the middle school for 6th grade. I waited with him for the school bus... camera in hand. Yes... me and all other kids... I was the only mom there taking pictures... making sure that he got on the bus OK...

We have a brand new elementary school here in town. Yes, I made sure that my little guy found a place for his bike and got into school OK... and took pictures of him and his buddy.

Sigh... it's a happy and sad day all at the same time.

Do you remember those twinges of sorrow when you first child went to Kindergarten? I've been experiencing some of those today... only my boys are in 2nd and 6th grade.

I think that it's because Matthew has gone to middle school with the whole changes classes thing... and he's taking the bus... and...

So, I made peanut butter cookies for my guys. They'll be home pretty soon.

Off I go to get some vacuuming done. Tomorrow I kick start my business with lots of calls. I'm sure that I'll feel more normal then.

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