Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Weeds and Kids...

When I first moved to Wyoming from Boston, I asked my mother-in-law... "What grows good out here?"

Her quick reply was... "Weeds and Kids..."

And I laughed....

Well, as I write this entry... I'm all drippy with sweat... I've been weeding my raspberry and stawberry patches...

Oh my goodness!!! I've pulled 3 wheel barrels fulls of weeds so far. We've got this terrible weed here that looks like a morning glory and actually has pretty little flowers. But! You pull them up and they come back with a vengence!

I've decided that weed pulling is the solution to many problems...
need some exercise... PULL WEEDS
feeling a little down... PULL WEEDS
got a headache... PULL WEEDS
got something troubling you.... PULL WEEDS

There you have it! Oh yes... the Kids part... they love it here in the country!!!! And I love having them here!

Time to sip some Performance on my garden bench and read a bit before the sun goes down!

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