Saturday, October 01, 2005

More canning!

I have this wonderful tool for making tomato sauce! Last year, I did it the traditional way... that was a lot of work!

This year I invested in a Vita Mix. Oh my do I love this thing! Tomato sauce has become very easy! I wash up my tomatoes using this awesome cleaner stuff. Then plop as many tomatoes as I can into my Vita Mix. Whiz it up... dump it into a stock pot and make my sauce... or tomato soup or picante sauce...

So, I just finished canning 8 more quarts of tomato sauce.

I asked my son and niece to pick some tomatoes for me this morning but what ended up happening was that all the carrots got picked, and cukes, and corn. (NO TOMATOES, BY THE WAY!!!)

I'm almost finished canning lots of carrots too! 14 half pints and 2 quarts... really wanted to use pint jars... but had run out!

Guess that I'd better take a look at the corn next.

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