Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Monday and Tuesday were rainy... snowy days. Good to have some sunshine

I've finally turned on the heat. It was so funny... Matthew was sitting on the couch on Monday when he asked, "What's that noise?" We were all quiet for a bit... When I said, "Matthew... that's the furnace running!"

We've a couple nights of frost. Note to myself: CLEAR OUT GARDEN BY 9/30, next year!
Lots of green tomatoes still on the plants. My father-in-law covered a whole bunch of plants on Monday evening, thankfully! I picked all the fruit off the ones that didn't get covered late yesterday.... that was about 5 gallons plus several boxes.

There's tomatoes that are ready to process. Got to sort through the boxes under my kitchen table according to almost ripeness.

My neighbor came over yesterday with 3 grocery sacks of beets. Better get those processed too! And she asked if I needed any canning jars! Well, I've been spending a small fortune on canning jars... so YES! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! WHATEVER YOU'D LIKE TO PART WITH, I'LL GLADY TAKE!

Lots of work processing garden yummies. But oh, how wonderful it's all going to be this winter! Shoot, I might end up with enough tomato sauce to last a couple years!

The sun is shining. Thanks Dad for sending some of sourthern New Hampshire sun and warmth. We got it.

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