Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The rooster crowed...

Fall is pretty here. But I do miss the gorgeous color of fall in New England, but as I was walking around town after walking Aaron to school, I took note of the beauty around me.

The wide open countryside is dotted with the green of farm land, the yellow and orange of various trees... mostly cottonwood. The sweet smell of processing sugar beets lingering in the air... as I neared home a rooster was announcing the day.

I'd like to have some chickens in the near future. I know nothing about keeping chickens... but I think it would be such a great project for our family. I can see the boys selling fresh eggs. And I can see the chickens running around the yard.

What I can't see is... how my 2 mouser cats would react to chickens running around... cleaning the chicken coup... plucking feathers of older chickens whose day "has come."

There are a bunch of people around town who have chickens... I guess that I'll have to glean some info from them.

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