Monday, October 17, 2005

And then there were 3011!

Thanks everyone from Mel's awesome blog for coming by for a visit. We hit 3000 today!

It's a coolish, supposed to be in the 70's kinda day here in northern Wyoming. Just fed Rich and our helper Darryl. Had to heat up some soup to go with sandwiches to warm them up.

We pushed up 2 walls today, east and west... the long walls. I'll be posting pictures of our house progress in just a bit. We're almost there!

The kids are off from school today. Hunting holiday I think.... (I'm sure that this only happens in Wyoming!). Matthew's and his cousin are helping out at the hog farm today. Aaron got to go on a field trip to the corn maize in Billings, MT today.

The Check Engine Soon light came on in the van today. Shoot... we just put a new transmission in it... what now???? I hope that it's just some sensor that needs to be changed.

Anything yummy cooking at your house for supper?

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