Saturday, October 15, 2005

A special thanks to all you of who came over from Mel's blog for a visit!

I'm pleased to report that my father-in-law was doing so much better yesterday! He seemed to enjoy having the boys there to visit. We may go back on Sunday afternoon.

It's a beautiful day here in cowboy country. I've been out in the garden picking more tomatoes. We've had the plants covered to protect them from frost during the night. I'm actually taking a break! Another 2-5 gallon buckets are filled and 2 big boxes. AND... there's still more plants covered up. I'll have to tackle that on Monday. Whew... Now... where to put them?

I started to clean out my wild flower spot too. Looks much better. Still have some pretty flowers blooming. They're yellow and orange. Sorry that I don't know their names.

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