Sunday, November 13, 2005

Keeping the Cold OUT!
It was pretty cold here on Saturday night. The furnace was pumping away... The front door and hallway were so cold. There was a nice breeze blowing right through that door!

So I grabbed the warm window stuff that I had purchased last winter with great intentions...

I proceeded to make a very simple curtain to cover the inside of the front door. That worked so great that I then proceed to do the same thing for the back door and one of the windows. It's made a huge difference in the comfort of our little cottage rental!

My Father-in-Law... an update...
We were to see my father-in-law after supper tonight. He has made amazing, absolutely amazing progress. He's no longer in Billings. Thank goodness because that 180 mile trip each day for my mother-in-law was a killer!!! He's at our local care center for a few weeks for continued therapy.

He's walking now and is a "warmer" version of his old "gruff" self.

I just can't get over how far he has come in a few short weeks. What a blessing!!!!

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