Monday, November 07, 2005

Return of the red ripe tomatoes!

Saturday cooked more sauce from my abundance of tomatoes. Canned 18 quarts!

Looked at my tomatoes today and decided that I'd better get back to work... lots more ripe ones. So my Vita Mix blended up more yummy tomatoes. Got another stock pot full of sauce and still another sink filled with clean tomatoes...

My pantry needs to be rearranged again to make more room for canned tomato stuff.

We're having homemade pizza tonight. It's a favorite at my house.

I've been having fun on ebay. Just bid on this book on Square Foot Gardening. It's about doing gardening in 4x4' raised beds. Supposed to be easier than the traditional row gardening... It sounds interesting. Thought that I'd read about it.

Yes, I'm already dreaming about my garden for next year!

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