Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ever wonder where it's made?

Barcode info
I never knew that you could tell where a product was made by looking at the first few digits of the barcode... how interesting!

My blogger friend, Sue, just shared how you can know... where a product is made... by looking at the barcode! More here....

It's finally summer!
The weather has finally turned here! Been a cool June so far. But the next week will be sunny and in the 80's or above... bring on the summer!!! Time for my cucumber plants to grow!!!!

Maybe now the kids will be able to get some use of the town's swimming pool! I think that it's so awesome that our little town has a swimming pool! I buy the kids a pass so that they can go whenever they want.

Aaron (my 11 year old who broke his leg in Jan... had screws put in his ankle.. and just had the screws removed on 6/11) hopes to get his stitches out today... and hopes to be able to go swimming really soon... at least by July 4th!

Well, got to "git er going!" I want to make the kiddos some waffles this morning!

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Mary said...

Thanks for passing this on to us. Now I'll know. Have a great day.