Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's the season of Pioneers... what to bring for the pot luck???

Here in the west... where Pioneers settled this land... it's a time of remembrance and celebration!

Our town's celebration isn't for a few more weeks.. .then end of July... but the next town over is having their big time.

It's a tradition that one branch of our family has a gather for lunch after the parade in one of the town parks... it's a pot luck type deal...

Been so busy with our house building activities that I didn't really have time to pre-think my take along dish. So I went into the pantry...

OK... black beans... corn... I have fresh cilantro growing in the garden and some onions... one of my favorite spices is cumin... and let's see... got some mild picante sauce... oh and garlic powder (next year I want garden fresh garlic... love it!!)

Great... a yummy bean salsa!

Chips... none in the pantry (that's because they get sniffed out by the kiddos and last about 2 seconds after they arrive from the store... LOL!)

Yes, have some flour tortillas!!! A local mexican restaurant that we enjoy going to makes their own chips out of tortillas... Hmm... I guess that I can do that too!!!
Found this video on google: How to make tortilla chips!

Almost done baking chips!!! And off we go!


Mary said...

Toni, that sounds like a good plan to me. Loved the viseo.

Toni said...

Hi Mary! Thank you! There was sooo much food!!!

Glad you enjoyed the garden video! It was fun to make. Toni

Sue said...

Homemade chips are the best! I can't believe what we pay for store bought, when they are so cheap to make.