Monday, June 08, 2009


I love Hummingbirds! They are the most magnificent little creatures!

Last year at lilac time, we were having a family BBQ. It was dusk and we were all congregated in a circle not too far from a big lilac bush. I looked up to see bunches of humming birds enjoying the sweet nectar of the lilac bush.

Together we counted about 16 hummingbirds! It was quite a sight! I didn't even know that there were hummingbirds in Wyoming!

I was just poking around Susan's blog. She has a great post on Hummingbirds including pictures that she took of her little visitors!

So if you've ever want to attract them... or wanted to be able to make DIY nector... check out her post: Susan shares about Humming birds.

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Mary said...

They are fascinating little things. They love our funnel shaped fushia flowers.