Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've come to love the mountains...

Over the past 5 years since I've moved here from Massachusetts, I've come to love the mountains.

Driving the mountain... well... that's another story! I was very proud of myself last year... when I drove up the Bighorn Mountain for a day of Girl's camp. But now... I can say that I've driven up the Bighorn (Lovell, Wy side)... and it wasn't too bad... coming down that steep slope to go home... well... didn't like that very much!

Here's a fantastic photo of the Bighorn Mountain at sunset on a blogger friends post: Bighorn Mountains at sunset

I have dreams of buying an inflatable kayak and using it on Sibley lake.


Mary said...

Toni, you photos are lovely. I, too, am a mountain gal. I leave others to the beach and tropic sand whenever possible.

Toni said...

Mary, thanks for stopping by!

I really enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing all your yummy recipes!