Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Goat & the Beagle... Stan's story

Don't you just LOVE Facebook? I DO!!!

My FB friend Stan shared this awesome story about a Goat & a Beagle... it's just SO Wyoming and funny!

So with Stan's permission to share it... here goes:

I was driving to work, like any other day. As I was coming into [town], going east and of course watching out for [our town Police Officer], I noticed a brown pygmy goat walking west on the highway with a beagle. Not only was the beagle walking beside it but it looked very much like the beagle was herding the goat for it to stay on the highway. I looked past this interesting duo and saw a flatbed pickup parked on the next intersection. In my mind I thought, OH...he's the owner and is trying to get them both into the truck and I will help him. So I whipped around and parked on the shoulder, opened the door and without even calling them they both hopped into my car. With the beagle and the goat in the back seat, I noticed the driver of the flatbed turn the corner towards me and I was thinking he was going to park and retreive his unusual pair. But instead he waved and headed down the road. Now what????? I had a beagle and a goat, both about the same size in my backseat and they were probably asking the same thing, now what? So I sped home, wondering what I was going to do. Thankfully I had just finished a pig pen and thought the goat could stay in there. After dropping the goat off in the pig pen and dropping the beagle off at the house, I thought, OK, my deed is done for the day. About 9:30, I get a phone call from Amy. She tells me the goat got out of the pig pen and was running down the county road. Some local rancher picked him up and took him to a lady's house up the road. Later on that night, after work, I went to pick up the goat. She was locked in a dog cage, jus big enough to stand in. I brought her home and after putting a few more planks on the pig pen, now probably three times the height of her, thought this was for surely tall enough. Well, I was wrong and after three weeks of trying to get the word out about this goat and beagle, I still was pulling my hair out about this intersting situation.

Finally, someone called about both of the animals. Someone came for the beagle and then a call came for the goat. I went down to get the goat, which we called Billy the Kid (get it? Ya, I'm dumb) and the goat was gone. He managed to get as far back as possible, run and dig his tiny hooves into the edge of one plank and jump out of the pig pen. From there, he was gone forever. With my tail between my legs, I had to go home and call the people back and explain their goat is no longer there and has run away.

So the lesson is, if you ever see a pair as interesting as a goat and beagle walking down main street, just let them be. They probably know where they're going.


Sue said...

Too funny!

Toni said...

Sue... I laughed and laughed!