Sunday, November 29, 2009


I recently found my Lutterloh pattern making system. I'm so excited! I need some new clothes... and I really DON'T like clothes shopping... plus... making my own clothes allows me to be creative!

I bought my system in the early 90s and just subscribed to the annual supplement to bring my patterns up to date!

Last night I made a patter and sewed up a nightgown! Took a couple hours start to finish!

Now... I really need something special for the Christmas season... and Christmas parties! I think that I've picked out the pattern...

What I really like about my Lutterloh system is that my patterns are custom made to fit me! Yeah!!!

Just found this wonderful blog all about creating Lutterloh patterns!


Sue said...

I always wished I had paid more attention in sewing class. I despise clothes shopping-it would be wonderful to make my own. But alas, I was too "tom-boyish"-I LOVED shop class....and later gardening took over. Lucky you-the choice of materials is fantastic. I have no problem standing in Joann Fabrics staring at all the beautiful fabrics. I just can't DO anything with them!

Toni said...

Hi Sue!
I've always been a tom boy myself!

A friend taught me some basics... then I just kept at it! 15 years ago I made simple tops & dresses for breastfeeding moms. That was fun!

When I moved 6 years ago, I had no room to sew clothes.... I'm so happy to get back into it again!

Too bad you couldn't come by!