Tuesday, December 08, 2009

On a snowy, blustery day...

My plans for a Christmas shopping trip to Billings, MT with Mom were cancelled today... due to the cold... snow... and ice!

It's a great day to stay home! Sip on hot cocoa... sew... tape... mud...

I'm finishing up some breastfeeding pillows that are heading east to new Moms in the Newton, MA area.

Remember recently I posted about finding my Lutterloh system? Well... so far I've made a new night gown and a T-shirt. I bought some light weight denim the other day... will possibly make a dress... or pants... ah... the choices are endless! Let the creativity flow!

Still need to decide on a Christmas party outfit.

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Sue said...

Hi Toni,
Sorry your shopping excursion was cancelled, but better safe than sorry. And sometimes it's nice to have a day at home sipping cocoa. Still mudding? Ugh.