Thursday, February 04, 2010

So this dog...

A big welcome to Diz! Thanks for following my blog!!!

OK, I swear that I wasn't thinking about a dog today... at all!

This afternoon my mother-in-law stops by. She sees a dog sitting on the front steps.

She's thinking, I didn't know they got a dog.

Then the kids come home right after the dog appears. We've never had a dog... the boys have always wanted a dog...

PROBLEM... I have 4 cats... two of which are kittens. I've never been in charge of a dog!

I'd like a dog... like... sometime in the future... when I'm done with my house... but NOW?

She must belong to someone. She's just a pup... and so sweet and clean... Looks like an australian shephard, border collie mix... maybe???

Well, she's on my front porch for now... yes, I bought dog food, but just a little bag.

More later.

1 comment:

Diz said...

Thank you for the warm welcome!! No collar on the pup? No signs around the neighborhood? Hmm....interesting. What are you going to do?