Thursday, February 04, 2010

What are you thinking about?

Was having an email conversation with a wise friend about a recent challenge...

She shared these words of wisdom:
"what a wise man once said, what you put your attenion on increases and grows."

Oh my gosh... that statement is so true!!! Honestly, I thought that I knew this... but maybe some lessons need to be relearned...

My challenge stemmed from a LACK OF ATTENTION OR FOCUS!!! I can see this clearly now!

So, I grabbed my trusted notebook and pen... wrote down some goals... and am now thinking of some action steps.

You know, I just love LIFE! As a Mom, you HAVE TO get good at balancing lots of things at once.. like this... and this... and this.... I love the start of a fresh new day... new month... new year... a chance to get back on track!


Now, off to get something accomplished!!!! Because before long... it'll be... "hey Mom, what's for supper? I'm starving!!!!"

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Gail said...

What a wonderfully wise thought. I get it!

If we put our mind on misery, that is what grows, likewise, mind on good

Toni said...

Hi Gail! Yes, great summary!!!