Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I was cleaning my bathtub when...

My journey to GREEN!

14 years ago this very month I made the big switch to green cleaners!

Bleach was my favorite cleaner! You would walk into my home and know that I had been cleaning that day! My house would reek of bleach!!!

One day I decided to clean my clawfoot bathtub. It had that ring about halfway up... and it just needed to be cleaned! So I grabbed this spraying foam stuff one night after supper... started spraying the bathtub... and... I couldn't BREATH!!!

I knew that it was time for a change in my cleaning products!!!

When my friend Alycia who had young kids like me asked me, "What do you use to clean Matthew's potty chair?" My answer... bleach!

Alycia then told me about the earth-friendly, non-toxic cleaners that she used from Shaklee! We call them green cleaners now... but back 14 years ago... green was just a color!

Well, I got rid of my bleach and foaming bathroom cleaner... and made the change to Shaklee's non-toxic... yes.. GREEN cleaning products!

I did it for me... for my family... especially for my 2 1/2 year old son!

Well, it's been 14 years now! I still love the Shaklee cleaners! They clean my windows, my floors, my fruits & veggies, my microwave, stove, all my appliances, my dishes, my bathroom, the truck... even Missy, the dog that adopted us and more!

I'm on a mission now! I want to help 100+ families do what I did! Switch to Shaklee's GET CLEAN kit!

So, if you've ever walked down the cleaner aisle at the grocery store and your eyes started tearing... or you started sneezing...

Or, if you've ever gotten headaches after cleaning... or had your breath taken away... or gotten dry cracked hands...

Take 3 minutes now!
-->Or you just want to get your house clean, really clean the GREEN way... please take 3 minutes to watch this video!

Be one of the 100+ families!
-->Then... take the next step! Order the Get Clean kit for your family! Be one of the 100+ families that switch!!!

Enter to Win!
Every month, there's a drawing! They give away $200 in Shaklee products! To enter, click here.

For examples of how I use the GET CLEAN kit, click here.

Got a question? Contact ME here!

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