Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thank you MobileME!

I tried and tried on my own to fix my computer... but finally had to take it in.

Here's what happened... my internal hard drive died... and to make matters worse... my external backup hard drive crashed & burned AT THE SAME TIME!

On the good side...
1. My Macbook (purchased 10/06) is still covered under warranty with Apple Care until September. So I got a brand new internal hard drive... and my case was beginning to crack and that was also replaced... cost to me ZERO!

2. I have MobileME! All my business contacts, calendars, previous emails, even my recipes were backed up to my idisk somewhere on Apple's computers!

Lesson learned...
I will do a much better job utilizing my idisk to back stuff up!

I found a good blog entry about getting the most from your idisk here.

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