Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More Garden Yummies...

This morning I walked my little guy (Aaron) to school through the fog. It was such a foggy morning that I thought for a moment that I was no longer in Wyoming but on the sea shore back in New England!

After my walk around town... I went straight to the garden. We had 2 good days of rain... so the garden was ready for some picking.

Here's what I picked:

Then I got my ripest tomatoes all washed up using this stuff. (Imagine being able to clean your house... your kids... AND YOUR GARDEN PRODUCE with the same cleaner!) Then I put my tomatoes into my Vita Mix (I love this thing!). After my tomotoes were turned into a wonderful juice.... skin, seeds, and all... I poured the juice into my big sauce pan and cooked away.

In my first batch I created the most delicious tomato soup... canned that into half pint jars. Next I added italian seasonings to create a wonderful sauce for our homemade pizza... or for pasta.

Wish that you could have smelled the wonderful aroma floating through my little cottage house.

Later in the day I canned 3 quarts of green beans. Haven't done anything with the assorted peppers yet. I'm thinking that some Salsa is in order. Do you have a good Salsa recipe for canning?

Hey, how have you been? Oh... come on by my house building blog. I've just update it with more pictures.

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